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Initial Investment

The initial investment includes purchase of your percentage of the racehorse plus actual expenses since the beginning of the year plus estimated expenses for the current quarter.  Documentation will include written contract with all terms and conditions outlined.


Quarterly expenses for training a racehorse at the track are estimated at $8,705. ($290/mo for a 10% share) for a horse stabled at Golden Gate Fields.  Expenses include:


Trainer Daily Rate                $75/Day                                                $ 6,845.  100% of a horse quarterly.

Farrier                                   $120/Month                                          $   360.

Veterinarian                         $400/Month variable                              $ 1,200.

Transportation                     $100/Month variable                              $    300.


Additional expenses may include any race nomination and entry fees.  Your expenses are proportional to your percentage investment.  Estimated expenses are billed to you quarterly at cost with the prior quarter’s actual expenses reconciled. 


Return on Investment

Purse monies earned after any jockey and trainer take are returned to you within 14 days of the race.  Z Thoroughbred Racing LLC retains 5% of all purse earnings for administrative expenses.  So, for example, a winning racehorse will earn 60% of say, a $20,000 purse or $12,000.  Trainer and jockey will collect 10% each, with 5% to ZTR LLC.  So 75% of a winning horses earnings, ($9,000 in our example), will be distributed to the partners. 

Of course, a winning horse appreciates in value to add to your return on investment upon sale.  Winning a stakes or graded stakes will drastically increase the value of the horse for future earnings and breeding potential.  All sale proceeds will be distributed to the partners on a percentage basis; ZTR LLC receives 10% commission on the sale of a profitable racehorse.



Schedule K1 for your investment in the partnership will be prepared by our tax accountant and provided in February of each year for you.

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